Treatments Offered at Spa Parties and Retreats


A soothing and moisturizing treat to leave you feeling bright and refreshed.


Hot Stone Massage

A deeply relaxing full-body massage which uses smooth, even strokes and heated stones to increase circulation and relieve tension.

Ear Candling

Smoke from a beeswax candle does wonders to gently restore balance by pulling out wax, pollen, yeast and other substances from your ears.

Ionic Foot Cleanse

Detox your body through this relaxing treatment where your foot bath water changes colors depending on which impurities are drawn out.

Advanced Foot Cleanse with Detox

A more powerful cleanse with an infrared belt that acts as a magnet to draw negative ions through the body.

Brazilian Wax

Contour Body Wrap

Lose half a pant size with this slimming treatment.​

Paraffin Dip (Hands or Feet)

Paraffin wax leaves hands or feet feeling soft and moisturized.


Reiki/Chakra Testing

Find out how each of your body's main energy centers are doing and what issues need to be addressed, whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.