Reiki is a Japanese healing art that complements a holistic approach to wellness. Reiki practitioners work with the flow of your body's chakra energy to stimulate its healing ability. The proper channeling of your body's energy can alleviate mental stress, physical pain and emotional turmoil from trauma.


By working with Reiki Master Delynn Curtis, you will gain a more complete understanding of what brings alignment to your energy and open a pathway to experience healing, deep peace and tranquility. 

$125 | 1h30m

A Reiki energy healing session combined with spiritual counseling founded in the principles of The Infinite Way. Delynn Curtis serves as guide on this journey to greater inner peace, clarity and a more fulfilling spiritual life.


A mini Reiki healing session to maintain your energy flow and balance. 

A Reiki energy healing session without spiritual counseling. 

$90 | 50m