Scared to Try Yoga?

Everyone has heard about the benefits of yoga: increased strength and flexibility, better heart health, relaxation, stress relief, increased energy, and improved posture, to name a few. Despite the benefits, not everyone signs up for yoga class. Why? Some people fear they may not be flexible or graceful enough, limber or quick enough to catch on to yoga movements. If you are one of those people, have we got a class for you!

Our Gentle Beginners Yoga is a no shame, plenty of gain place to be. Experience the benefits to mind, body and spirit in a no-pressure class tailor made for beginners.

With plenty of room to stretch out and yoga mats provided, there is absolutely no excuse for not treating yourself better. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

Our class is conducted Monday at 6 pm and Tuesday at 11 am. Drop in for $12 or Register ahead for a $10 price per class. Seniors over 65 may pay just $8!

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