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Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Typically, alpha hydroxy acids have been the go-to for skin exfoliation. These acids, however, are NOT skin friendly and have been known to cause redness and itching.

Thank goodness there is a safer way to firm and lift skin while providing deep exfoliation. At

deep herbal peel and acne treatment
Rena Levi products' active ingredients are herbal and all-natural, providing a skin-friendly way to exfoliate.

Wellness and Retreats we use Rena Levi products to do the Deep Herbal Peel and Acne treatments. These facial treatments work especially well on aging or acne-prone skin and even smooth fine lines and acne scars. The products contain active ingredients that are herbal and all-natural. The exclusive blend removes dead skin, leaving a healthy layer below.

One herbal peel is equivalent to 15 micro dermabrasions. The peel treatment includes a cleanse, peel and moisturizer.

Call us at 219-440-6612 to book the Deep Herbal Peel or Acne Treatment today. The Acne Treatment includes a steam, extractions, cleanse, exfoliation and moisturizer. The Acne Treatment is $95 and the Deep Herbal Peel is $65.

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