How to Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Every time we turn around, we hear about the growing health crisis brought on by the Corona Virus. One of the best ways to avoid the virus, in addition to washing your hands, is to keep your immune system healthy.

At Wellness & Retreats, we take a holistic approach to maintaining good health. Let's start with the spiritual. We offer meditation classes and Reiki and chakra clearing. Stay connected and find peace within, so you can go within and achieve wholeness.

On the mental, emotional and physical levels, there is nothing like a great massage to find relaxation of body, mind and spirit. Or if you are looking to stretch, try our Beginner's Yoga.

Every service we offer is designed to improve your health on some level. Come in and get an ionic foot cleanse. This is perhaps a first step to figuring out your needs. The water color in a cleanse will let you know from which areas of the body you are detoxing. Many people end up with a froth of bubbles around the coil while doing the ionic foot cleanse. These bubbles can mean inflammation or a burden on the immune system. One physical remedy when these bubbles are present is to take juices with pulp. There is a high concentration of Vitamin C in the pulp that is wonderful for your immune system!

Come in and check out all the many services we offer that will keep you and your immune system healthy.

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