While seated comfortably, herbed steam is released to the lower pelvic region, where it infuses the pores, soft tissues and crevices. This ancient practice has come into fashion again as women reclaim autonomy over their personal health practices. Men, too, particularly in Asia, find benefits from this steaming practice. In fact, the term "vaginal steaming" is really too limited, because the steam reaches not only the vagina, but the clitoris, labia, urethra, and anus, and for men, the penis and scrotum.

Researchers have studied the positive effects of V-Steaming on a variety of gynecological issues, including cervical cancer, yeast infections, post-partum recovery, chlamydia, vaginitis, high risk HPV, genital infection, vaginal atrophy, irregular vaginal discharge and menstrual pain. Women are seeking vaginal steaming for these reasons and others, including cycle irregularity and disorders involving the vulva, ovaries, fallopian tubes, as well as for cysts, fibroids, endometriosis pain, infertility and pain during sex.

Men who practice pelvic steaming also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased Circulation 

  • Cleanse, Strengthen & Tone 

  • Reduced Susceptibility to Infection 

  • Reduced Ingrown Hairs & Clogged Ducts 

  • Reduced Congestion 

  • Increased Positive Energy 

  • Sooth Pain and Pressure of Hemorrhoids

  • Release Endorphins 

  • Low Cost & Accessible 

  • Enjoyable