Reiki is a Japanese healing art that complements a holistic approach to wellness. Reiki practitioners work with the flow of your body's chakra energy to stimulate its healing ability. The proper channeling of your body's energy can alleviate mental stress, physical pain and emotional turmoil. 


Your body's seven main energy centers are checked for blockages, such as from stuck emotions or subconscious beliefs. Energy is channeled in to leave you feeling restored and at peace and stuck emotions are removed gently and safely. Reiki is a form of energy healing that is wonderful for stress relief, pain, and emotional turmoil. Works on all levels: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Can be done over the phone, FaceTime or Messenger videocall. Additional 15 mins at end of session are reserved for Q & A. 

60-Minute Reiki with Angel Card Reading

See Above for Reiki session description. Add a 15-min Angel Card Reading for clarification and special help from your angels and Spirit Guides. The cards contain positive, beautiful messages to help you find your way.


30-Minute Reiki


Energy healing session to remove blocks and restore peace of mind.